Vacation Tips for a Healthy Smile

Vacation time rolls around each summer and makes it very easy to slip out of routine, but it’s important to maintain your oral hygiene wherever you are in the world. Follow these few simple tips and keep your smile looking healthy while enjoying a relaxing vacation.

Pack your dental supplies

Avoid the hassle of purchasing new dental supplies and bring yours from home. Depending where you travel, it can be difficult to get toothbrushes, floss, and more … or it can be super expensive because you’re buying them from your hotel gift shop or other odd location.

Packing your toothbrush and toothpaste seems obvious advice but they are things that are easy to forget in the pre-vacation excitement. Also remember to pack floss and mouthwash, as these are likely to be even more difficult to replace once you are away. There are many different types of toothpaste and mouthwash available all over the world, but even if you can find a replacement it may not taste like what you’re used to.  Another useful and important item is sunscreen for your lips, which are part of your mouth, and should not be neglected while on vacation.

Stick to Your Routine

The excitement of your new adventures may easily cause you to forget parts of your simple daily routine. Oral hygiene is extremely important so it’s essential to continue taking care of your teeth throughout your vacation. Brushing and flossing, as well as using mouthwash, are all equally important whether you’re at home or on vacation. It is also a good idea to keep your dentist’s contact details with you at all times, in case you need advice regarding symptoms or treatment.

Watch What You Eat

We all relax our diet when we’re on holiday and often end up eating and drinking much more sugar than usual. It is good to indulge a little while on vacation, but just be aware that any sugar you consume can affect your teeth. Try alternating sugary juices or cocktails with water or use a straw to keep most of the liquid away from your teeth.

Try packing healthy snacks in advance to take with you on days out. This will not only help your teeth but will help you save money. If you do decide to treat yourself to a sugary dessert, follow it with water to rinse away most of the sugar. This will help minimize the amount of sugar sitting on your teeth until you get the chance to brush.

Oral hygiene is extremely important whether you’re at home or on vacation. With a little pre-planning and some careful choices, there is no reason why you can’t maintain a healthy oral routine without hindering your adventures.