The end of the year is fast approaching

It’s nearing the end of the year, and things are about to get busy for all of us. Time with family for the holidays, work schedules, school vacations, and so on mean you will be strapped for time if you aren’t already! However busy you may be, we urge you to consider your dental health before the end of December, especially if you have a dental insurance plan. Here are some reasons to schedule a dentist appointment before the end of the year.

Dental benefits don’t roll over

Most dental insurance plans run on a calendar year, which means benefits not used by December 31 will expire. Typically, benefits do not roll over into the next year. So, any dental insurance benefits you have paid for this year must be used between now and the end of December. If you’ve paid for them, you should use them!

Dental plan rates and deductibles will likely go up

Regardless of whether you pay for a dental insurance plan yourself or get insurance through your employer, most insurance companies change their rates and plan details annually. That means your monthly premium could be higher next year, and your deductible could change, too. It’s best to get the dental care you need under your current plan to ensure maximum savings.

Your plan may have an annual maximum

Most dental insurance plans limit how much they will pay in any given year. At Connoyer Dental, we often see dental insurance plans max out at $1,000 – $1,500 a year. If this applies to you, that means dental expenses you incur beyond the maximum will need to come out of your pocket.

If you schedule a cleaning and checkup now, you’ll have a better idea of what to expect later.  You simply don’t know what dental problems could arise next year. They are usually a surprise!

If you are unsure how much you’ve spent this year at the dentist, give your dentist office a call. They keep thorough records and can tell you how much has been billed to your insurance company this year.

The holidays are approaching, and dental problems only get worse If you are careful to get regular cleanings and checkups, not only will you prevent costly dental problems, but you’ll be able to better plan for dental expenses. Regular cleanings are simply a wise financial choice as is taking care of current dental problems. A cavity could require more extensive treatment if not treated today. No one wants to spend their holidays with tooth pain!