Spring into whitening and dental health this season

Spring is a time of renewal and revitalization. All the green is coming back, flowers will be blooming soon, and birds are singing. What better time to renew your smile with whitening treatments?

Everyday Life Can Dull Your Smile

Over time, our teeth can appear more yellow. It could be stains from food or it could simply be an effect of age. Because our teeth are porous, even if we clean off the surface stains with diligent brushing and flossing, the discoloration can go deeper into each tooth than any toothbrush or whitening toothpaste can reach.

Is It Time To Freshen Up Your Smile?

Whether food or age is the reason your teeth aren’t as white as you like, you can get your gleaming white smile back through professional whitening at our practice! Over-the-counter whitening treatments are always an option, but the safest, healthiest, and most effective whitening method is to leave it to the professionals.

Get a Brighter, Whiter Smile With Connoyer Dental!

We offer in-office whitening where you sit in the chair for about an hour and we do a really powerful whitening treatment. During each session, a high concentration of peroxide will be applied to the teeth before a light is used to accelerate the chemical reaction and the whitening process.

We can also provide you with easy to use take-home trays, which is a very popular option. We create the trays by taking impressions of your teeth. After hydrogen peroxide gel is squirted into the trays, they are placed into your mouth, covering your teeth. The trays keep the whitening gel in place and allow the solution to surround all the surfaces of your teeth. It also keeps the gel away from your gumline. Once your trays are created, you can use them repeatedly to whiten your teeth anytime it is needed.

It Doesn’t Stop There

While many people aim for the sparkliest smile they can achieve, whiter teeth don’t actually mean healthier teeth. Taking a preventive approach to your dental health helps to ensure you keep your teeth for a lifetime while maintaining overall good health. We encourage you to see us every 6 months for a checkup and a thorough cleaning.

In between dental cleanings, whitening treatments, and consultations, be sure to maintain good oral habits at home. This includes daily flossing and brushing after meals.

Call 217-223-9137 to schedule a consultation. We’ll look at your overall dental health and create an action plan to suite your whitening and care needs!