Preventative dentistry is our priority

Preventative dentistry is a priority for Connoyer Dental. Your regular visits have a bigger purpose. Yeah, you come out feeling fresh and clean, but did you know that your appointment affects your future? Your regular hygiene appointments screen for dental issues that could arise in the future. We’re looking for cavities, screening for oral cancer, and checking the overall health of your mouth which includes your gums, teeth, and jaw.

We’re working to preserve your smile

It’s easier to maintain a healthy mouth than fix damage after it’s too late. A healthy smile shouldn’t be taken for granted. Restorations are painful, time consuming, and pricey, but with preventative dentistry, we can avoid a whole-smile makeover. Help us catch the issues early and keep your mouth looking and feeling good.

We’re concerned for your general health

Gum disease is directly linked to general health problems like heart disease and diabetes. We’re ready to join you in the fight against gum disease and the other possibilities. Let’s beat it with proper home dental hygiene habits like brushing and flossing at least two times a day, reducing consumption of sugar, and embracing regular dental visits for appropriate gum therapy. Together we can reduce your risk of developing significant general health issues. Oral cancer screenings can also save your life, so let’s talk about that, too, while you’re here!

We want to save you money

Sometimes spending a little time and money on maintenance can save you both in the long run. The cost of toothpaste, floss, and regular appointments with your dentist pales in comparison to major dental procedures. Your immediate investment in preventative care can spare you from a major investment in corrective procedures. You’ll also spend less time overall in the dentist’s chair. Your time and money are valuable, so hold on to them.

Connoyer Dental considers providing you with quality comprehensive care a privilege and also a great responsibility. Our world revolves around you and we’re happy to provide choices when it comes to your dentist, your smile, and your overall health. Let’s work together to keep your mouth at it’s healthiest! Call Connoyer Dental at 217-223-9137 today!