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We have lots of information to share about family and cosmetic dentistry. Check out these common dental health topics and helpful dental tips from our dental experts.

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Elderly dental care is important

By Connoyer Dental | October 14, 2019

Your body experiences many changes as it ages and seeing your dentist twice a year is as important for the elderly as it is for children. The aging process makes you vulnerable to dry mouth as well as gum disease and chronic health conditions. The Administration on Aging and The World Health Organization both state…

Vacation Tips for a Healthy Smile

By Connoyer Dental | July 31, 2019

Vacation time rolls around each summer and makes it very easy to slip out of routine, but it’s important to maintain your oral hygiene wherever you are in the world. Follow these few simple tips and keep your smile looking healthy while enjoying a relaxing vacation. Pack your dental supplies Avoid the hassle of purchasing…

filling may need replaced

Should you replace a filling?

By Connoyer Dental | May 29, 2019

A tooth that has decay will need treatment with a dental filling or other restoration depending on the extent of the decay. A dental filling may last many years before it needs replacing, but remember that fillings are subject to constant stress from chewing. Clenching or grinding teeth also puts tremendous force on fillings and…

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Preventative dentistry is our priority

By Connoyer Dental | May 14, 2019

Preventative dentistry is a priority for Connoyer Dental. Your regular visits have a bigger purpose. Yeah, you come out feeling fresh and clean, but did you know that your appointment affects your future? Your regular hygiene appointments screen for dental issues that could arise in the future. We’re looking for cavities, screening for oral cancer,…

Diseased teeth

Are my bleeding gums normal?

By Connoyer Dental | April 25, 2019

Our patients often ask about bleeding gums. Unfortunately, bleeding gums seem to be a common occurrence. Our answer? No, bleeding gums are not normal. The reality is that a study by the Centers for Disease Control, or the CDC, estimates that 47.2 percent, or 64.7 million American adults have mild, moderate, or severe periodontitis, or…

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Spring into whitening and dental health this season

By Connoyer Dental | March 14, 2019

Spring is a time of renewal and revitalization. All the green is coming back, flowers will be blooming soon, and birds are singing. What better time to renew your smile with whitening treatments? Everyday Life Can Dull Your Smile Over time, our teeth can appear more yellow. It could be stains from food or it…

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