Avoid these 5 harmful habits

We all know that eating junk food and too much sugar is bad for your teeth. However, here are five lesser-known habits that may ruin your dental health. Check it out.

Chewing ice

When you’re bored, chewing ice might seem like a way to pass the time, but it’s not a smart idea. Your teeth are hard, but so are ice cubes, and the constant collision of 2 hard objects never ends well. The more you chew on ice cubes, the weaker your teeth get. You may end up chipping a tooth or irritating your gums.

Nail biting

Generally, nail biting is bad because it is unhealthy and it makes one look nervous and fidgety. However, it is also dangerous to the teeth. Nonstop nail-biting endangers your enamel, causes your teeth to break and misalign, and the germs from under your nails may lead to gum infections.

Brushing too hard

Brushing is good for your teeth, brushing hard isn’t. It damages your gum and causes inflammation, which may lead to infections or gum recession. Get a toothbrush (that complies to ADA standard) with a soft bristle and brush your teeth gently (with short strokes) for approximately 2 minutes.

Grinding your teeth

We involuntarily clench or grind our teeth when we get angry or frustrated. This is a very bad habit for your teeth, especially when done constantly. It causes too much wear and tear on your teeth. Teeth clenching or grinding may also lead to serious dental problems like Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMD).

Over utilization

Using your teeth to open a bottle, tear tough objects, or hold something when your hands are occupied is bad. Your teeth were not designed to be a multipurpose tool, and over-utilization of the teeth causes cracking and chipping.

If you are guilty of one of the habits above, then it is likely that your dental health is already in danger. Please visit Connoyer Dental soon before any small issue grows into a serious problem.